Sunday, July 3, 2011

Thinking about the Fair

I realized today that the Evergreen State Fair is only a month away (well at least the deadline for entering items is)! This means I've got to get to work on finishing any items I wanted to enter into the fair, and possibly get started (yeah I know there isn't much time) on new projects. This possibly means that I'll be putting my Etsy shop on vacation while I work madly on finishing projects in between my crazy work schedule. I enjoy entering crafts into the fair because then I can volunteer and get free admission. :) I also like the rush I get from looking at my hard work displayed for all to admire with a ribbon (hopefully blue) attached. It's also fun to enter little contests. Last year i made this little cupcake pincushion:It didn't win, but I think it's sweet (haha pun fully intended)! It was made out of scraps of yarn, too. :) Well, I better go work on some projects & think about realistic deadlines. AGH!!


  1. I hear ya on deadlines ... we have a huge craft fair this weekend and are now in panic mode trying to get prepared!!!

    I'm stopping by from Etsy Rain, but saw that you've been participating in my Handmade Wednesday! Thank you for joining us and adding the linkies to your blog! That is awesome and greatly appreciated!!

    We're now your newest GFC followers too!!

  2. oh and i emailed you about being a spotlight :D