Monday, February 20, 2012

My Bestie is Engaged!

Okay, so this post is a few weeks late but still well deserved since I knew about it before Diana did. Her boyfriend, Aaron, mentioned to me that he was thinking about proposing to her in mid-January. He said I wasn't to tell a soul, and I didn't. About a week later we went ring shopping before going to Bible study that week, and we were sure we had found THE ring at the first store we looked at. Just to be sure we went shopping again on Monday, but nothing measured up so we went back to the first store and he ordered the ring then and there. The really hard part was keeping it a secret after our mutual friends Becky & Kevin also gt engaged that week. While at a purse party the following Saturday I got a call from Aaron saying the ring came in early, and he was going to pick it up before proposing that evening. Turns out he did a fantastic job proposing at sunset on Mulkilteo beach! Diana text me soon afterwards telling me that I needed to attend her Super Bowl party since she "had something to show me" (originally I was going to the youth group Super Bowl party since I'm a leader). So I while at QFC getting groceries and things to make dip for the party I picked up a bridal magazine. I quick made a card to put on the front and it turned out like the picture above. I think it's a cute yet simple engagement gift for my best friend. :)