Saturday, September 15, 2012

Paper Plate Apple Craft

This year I'm in charge of crafts for my pre-k class since I'm creative. The other day we made these paper plate apples, and they turned out so cute!

Of course I found the idea on Pinterest which linked me to here. I chose to simplify it a bit.

All you need is:
Large paper plates
Red tempera paint
Green and brown construction paper

While the kids painted their plate, I cut out leaf shapes from the green paper and stems from the brown paper. After the paint was dry I glued the leaf and stem to the back of the plate. Voila! There you have a cute and simple fall craft for kids.
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

You're Dyeing to Know...

...what I dyed aren't you? Sorry, but I couldn't resist the horrible pun. I finally got around to dyeing the Ikea blanket I bought a few months ago. Ikea only sells the blankets in white, tan, grey, & red. I loved the texture of the blanket, but didn't like any of those colors. Then I had the bright idea to buy the white one, and dye it to match my duvet cover on my bed. So with a white blanket in hand I headed to JoAnn's to pick what color I wanted. Note: read the tag on the item you are dyeing BEFORE buying the dye! I made the mistake of thinking it was cotton, when it was really a poly blend, and had to go back to exchange the dye for natural fabrics for the iDye Poly (pictured below). Also, sorry for poor picture quality; these were taken with my iPod before I found my camera again (YAY!). Anyways, continuing with the fabric dyeing process...

The blanket before.
I decided green would go nicely with my duvet cover. I read all directions before starting.

The water in the washer after putting in the dye packet.

Scariest part: putting in the blanket & not being 100% sure of how it will look afterwards.

Completely in the murky green water...time to close the washer and wait.

It's green! This is after the first rinse. It recommends a second rinse to lock in the color.

A beautiful day to line dry a blanket. The tag on the blanket said no machine drying.

The after...a pretty green blanket!

I'm glad I got around to dyeing this blanket because I use it all the time now. It's light yet cozy, and the texture is so fun! Now that I've dyed something I'm not so scared to do this again. Hmm...what could be next? What have you dyed? What would you like to dye?

P.S.--I watched "Julie and Julia" last night. That movie always inspires me to blog more regularly. I've got a few projects waiting to be blogged about. So I'm going to try to keep it up! I'd love to have new followers, too. Maybe I'll do a give away or something if I can get up to 30 followers by the end of the year. Please let others know about me if you like reading my blog. Thanks!


I'm testing out how blogging from my Droid phone works. If this works I'll be able to post more often. :)

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wedding Invitations (all the details!)

Now that Diana's wedding is 19 DAYS away I figured I better post about the invites I made. Finally (in June), Diana's wedding invitations are complete and mailed out. I have gotten permission from the bride to give you all the details on making the invitations as I promised you here.

This was my wedding gift to Diana and Aaron. Since I like making cards I figured I would give them something that will make their special day that much more special. Diana even told me when they were all completed, "They're beautiful, and exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for making them for us." Also, part of my gift are the place cards, table names, & programs. We will be finishing those up this weekend, and I'll post about those after the wedding (bride won't let me before).

We got an idea of what Diana wanted from looking on Pinterest and Split Coast Stampers. Then we took those ideas to my Stampin' Up! demonstrator, Julie, who's always got ideas. After a few trials we thought we had something great, but then the groom had an opinion too. So we made a few changes to make everyone happy. In the end we went with half white emboss, and half clear emboss. I used the Baroque Motifs stamp set with the black and red paper. I used white card stock from FedEx Office for the inside papers. For the embossing I wiped it with my embossing buddy, stamped in Versa Mark ink, and then sprinkled with embossing powder before using my heat tool (which can melt carpet I discovered...just FYI!).The belly bands are simply stamped in Versa Mark ink with the swirl pattern before cutting them into strips.

I think that's all the details I can remember. So go ahead and look at the pictures now. I do need to say a BIG thank you to Diana for helping with her own wedding gift! I wouldn't have been able to complete these 44 cards by myself without going insane without her. I love ya bestie!!

Here are all 44 finished invitations! We ended up with 24 white embossed, and 20 clear embossed.
This is the inside with the pocket to hold the RSVP & direction cards.
Outside of a clear embossed card.
Front of a white embossed card with the red belly band. Picture-wise I like these better than the clear now, but both turned out gorgeous.
Front of a clear embossed card with the red belly band. I notice now that the clear ones don't look as elegant in a picture as they do in person.