Sunday, February 9, 2014

Teaching Pre-K: Winter Sensory Fun

Wow! It has been so busy, and crazy that I haven't had time to blog recently. I apologize for that!

Anyways, these are three of the winter sensory projects we did in my classroom. All of them were ideas I found on Pinterest; my favorite place for lesson plan ideas.

It seems I have forgotten to take a picture of the first one: snow paint. Found here. My students loved using a paint brush or their fingers to paint a snow storm, snow man, or snow angel.

The next science experiment/sensory project we did was snow slime! It surprised me which kids loved it and which ones were a little unsure about it. Eventually they all got into it, and had a great time. I think my assistant and I had just as much, if not more, fun playing with it as well! You can find the recipe here.

This week we made indoor snow with corn starch and shaving cream.  It made a huge mess, but the kids had a great time pretending to make it snow and making 3D snowmen. I liked the smooth texture that it had. Little did we know it was going to snow for real the next day! You find the recipe here.

Hope you enjoying these fun indoor winter activities. As always I love your feedback and comments!