Sunday, March 17, 2013

Valentine's Day Crafts

I love February and Valentine's Day! Everything is decorated in pink and red with hearts. There's so many craft ideas on Pinterest that there's not enough days in February to do them all. So here are a few of the crafts the Frogs have been working on.
We learned about symmetry when we made these glitter paint hearts for our bulletin board.
Crayon melting on a hot plate is always fun! It's also an easy craft when the other teacher is sick, and you're by yourself at the last minute.
These are the simple heart flower Valentine's I made for the kids with the help of my Cricut. :)
I made heart chains to decorate the classroom.
Pink bubble prints were a hit! Note: poke a hole with pin so if they try to drink it they can't, but it still blows bubbles. :)
These TP tube heart stamps were a hit as well. Sadly, they didn't hold up too well after this one got done.
Simple yet cute hand print Valentine that the kids gave their parents.
Pipe cleaner and Cheerios bird feeders were another favorite project. One girl reported back the next day that the birds were eating the Cheerios.

 What crafts did you make for Valentine's? I love your feedback!