Sunday, September 9, 2012

You're Dyeing to Know...

...what I dyed aren't you? Sorry, but I couldn't resist the horrible pun. I finally got around to dyeing the Ikea blanket I bought a few months ago. Ikea only sells the blankets in white, tan, grey, & red. I loved the texture of the blanket, but didn't like any of those colors. Then I had the bright idea to buy the white one, and dye it to match my duvet cover on my bed. So with a white blanket in hand I headed to JoAnn's to pick what color I wanted. Note: read the tag on the item you are dyeing BEFORE buying the dye! I made the mistake of thinking it was cotton, when it was really a poly blend, and had to go back to exchange the dye for natural fabrics for the iDye Poly (pictured below). Also, sorry for poor picture quality; these were taken with my iPod before I found my camera again (YAY!). Anyways, continuing with the fabric dyeing process...

The blanket before.
I decided green would go nicely with my duvet cover. I read all directions before starting.

The water in the washer after putting in the dye packet.

Scariest part: putting in the blanket & not being 100% sure of how it will look afterwards.

Completely in the murky green water...time to close the washer and wait.

It's green! This is after the first rinse. It recommends a second rinse to lock in the color.

A beautiful day to line dry a blanket. The tag on the blanket said no machine drying.

The after...a pretty green blanket!

I'm glad I got around to dyeing this blanket because I use it all the time now. It's light yet cozy, and the texture is so fun! Now that I've dyed something I'm not so scared to do this again. Hmm...what could be next? What have you dyed? What would you like to dye?

P.S.--I watched "Julie and Julia" last night. That movie always inspires me to blog more regularly. I've got a few projects waiting to be blogged about. So I'm going to try to keep it up! I'd love to have new followers, too. Maybe I'll do a give away or something if I can get up to 30 followers by the end of the year. Please let others know about me if you like reading my blog. Thanks!


  1. Nice work! That blanket looks so cozy!

  2. Thanks! It's a cozy yet light weight blanket for summer.