Monday, April 23, 2012

She's a Digger!

After leaving Teacup in the grass for a few hours she decides it's a good idea to DIG! She started with little holes, but her last one will need extra dirt to fill in.

My hand in the hole so give an idea of how big it is. As you can see it's about half way to my elbow!

She looks so innocent, but she's not! Look at all that dirt she's dug up & "bulldozed" away. I must say that she's very cute as a little bulldozer. :)

As Teacup's mom I think this is the cutest picture with her butt sticking out while she's digging. Shows how deep it is if she fits half way inside!

Update: this hole was started last weekend so we tried an experiment. We moved the fence so the old hole was in the middle (since she it started on the side) wondering if she'd keep digging the old one or start a new one. Guess what she did? Both! I had tried to fill in the old hole a little & she dug it out again. She also started a new hole next to the fence. What a little stinker! Funny thing is that Pumpkin was out this afternoon, and I noticed she was trying to put dirt back in both of the holes!

In other news, since it was Earth Day that means I've been a semi-vegetarian (no red meat including beef, pork, etc. but still eat poultry & seafood) for 2 years now. Funny how it's gone by so quickly.

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