Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hosting a Bridal Shower (marshmallow cupcakes)

I have three weddings to go to this year. Which is exciting because I LOVE weddings! First, is my cousin and his college girlfriend in Logan, UT in May. Second, is my friends Becky and Kevin from Bible study in July. And the one you've all read about already, my best friend Diana (who I'm the maid of honor for) in September.

So, this post a little late but I'll share it anyways. Since Becky is in my church, but her family is scattered around the world (Very literally! Her parents in Japan, sister in China, & brother in Holland.) a few ladies and the high school youth group girls decided to get together to throw her a bridal shower while her mom was in town at the beginning of March. We tried to keep it as a sort of surprise, but her mom ruined it by telling her (oh well). So four of us got together to plan it on President's day. We decided to all make 1 dozen cupcakes with marshmallow flowers. Feeling inspired by pictures like this: What seemed like an easy process of decorating took me 4 hours the Saturday before! They did turn out pretty cute though.

Finished marshmallow flower cupcakes. :) I used mini marshmallows and regular. I had to do some research on the best way to cut the regular ones (lengthwise instead of diagonal like the mini ones). Also, my scissors kept getting gunked up, but with a little spray of canola oil they were as good as new. I used yellow M&M's for the center, but others used yellow Skittles or gumdrops. The cupcakes were just a box mix, but you could easily make them from scratch if you wanted. There were 6 or 7 dozen total cupcakes at the shower!

As for the rest of the shower, we kind of a potluck-style food table. We asked several people to provide items for punch, veggie tray, fruit tray, and crackers with cheese. It was in the evening so we just had snacks. We played one game, but it was hilarious! We had three groups and they each made a toilet paper dress on the three special guests (Becky, her mom, and her fiance's mom). There was a contest of the best looking dress, and also the dress which stayed on the best while walking down a runway to model them. All of the "dresses" stayed on very well so each model got a prize (a potted primrose). After that the bride-to-be opened the gifts while I wrote them down, and Ruth made the ribbon & bow bouquet for the rehearsal.

Overall it was a great event, and everyone enjoyed themselves. The most important thing is that Becky felt very loved from her church community. Now I'm working on planning Diana's shower with her mom & sister!

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