Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Frustrated to Tears

This post is just for my venting purposes and you don't have to read it. Although I'd like to hear feedback from people on the topic.

I found out this week through other Etsians that Taggies has a very very vague patent on "two pieces of fabric sewn together with ribbon loops". I knew all along that Taggies exist, but my Tag-Go Blankies are smaller (10"x10"), I use minky on one side, and my ribbons are different. I assumed I was okay, but apparently NOT! I'm so frustrated and confused right now that I'm in tears trying to decide if I should just leave my adorable Tag-Go Blankies in my shop until someone asks me to remove them or just remove them on my own. It's completely ridiculous how big corporations can wipe out the little business trying to get going with just one broad patent. I've already been dealing with CPSIA guidelines and making sure my items are 100% safe for infants/children. Now finding out that 4 out the 15 items in my shop could get me a lawsuit is horrible! In a way I'd LOVE to keep them in my shop just to say a big "Screw you!" to Taggies. They can't possibly monitor all of the taggie-like items on Etsy since I'm not the only one selling them! But again, they've got lawyers & $$$$ and little me has no funds for a lawsuit. It seriously makes me wonder if my other items are patented. Or should I go patent my Scrubbie-Cloth as nylon netting and cotton yarn?! See how crazy this is! Okay, I think I'm done with my little rant. So I guess this is goodbye to my cute Tag-Go Blankies :(

Here's an old Etsy forum post on the topic:

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  1. Oh no, that's terribly frustrating :( (I'm on the Rainy Day Team with you, I just started following your blog!) The way big corporations use their clout to pay for vague patents to stop smaller businesses is horrible :( I know I'd rather buy a handmade craft over some mass produced corporate junk, patent or no.