Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pinterest Project: DIY Cake Stand

There are so many ideas on Pinterest on how to make a DIY cake/cupcake stand with items from Dollar Tree. So I decided to try it! The downside is that I didn't read any directions before doing the project, and i learned that I should have.

Off to Dollar Tree I went since I always have a list of things to get there, and I found a plate that I liked. Then I was trying to find a wine glass that fit with it, but didn't have any luck. Then a kind lady, who has done the project before, suggested a candle stick. So with those items in hand I headed to Hobby Lobby to get the glue that the kind lady suggested (E-6000).

When I got home I glued to candle stick to the plate, and put it in the garage to dry (since it was starting to smell up the house).

A few days later I spray painted the bottom side of the plate and candle stick.

I wasn't planning spraying the top of the plate, but in my eagerness to get the project done I didn't realize there would be a clear circle where the candle stick was glued to the plate.

So I spray painted the top of the plate as well.
Regardless of my minor mistake it was a fun, quick, and cheap project. The plate and candle stick were $1 each, E-6000 glue was $5, and the pink spray paint I already had. I already have the supplies to make another one, but this time I'll spray paint before gluing together!

NOTE: Sorry, for the sideways pictures! For some reason when I put them in Blogger they turned sideways :(

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