Thursday, April 21, 2011

Almost Earth Day and Easter

Wow! Since tomorrow is Earth Day, also Good Friday, I've been mostly vegetarian for a year now. I made a promise to myself last year on Earth Day that I wouldn't eat red meat or anything with 4 legs (this includes but isn't limited to: beef, pork, lamb, venison, etc). I also try to limit my intake of chicken and turkey to once a day. I made this decision for my health and I feel so much better because of it. I would go full vegetarian, but I'm afraid I wouldn't get enough protein. Earth Day also means FREE coffee at Starbucks tomorrow if you bring in your own travel mug. :)

Easter is this Sunday, and it's one of my favorite holidays. As a Christian, I love how this holiday reminds me every year what I believe in and why. I also love how in my church we sing the "Hallelujah Chorus" every year. Such a blessing and moment of awe and praise to our Father!

My project and goal is to finish a dress that I started two summers ago while in Utah, with my cousin, so I can wear it on Easter. I found the cute fabric at a yard sale, and took it along so we could make matching dresses. We started it but got busy going hiking and other stuff, and never finished it while we were together. She showed me her finished dress last summer at our family reunion. Mine has been thrown haphazardly in my closet since I came home two summers ago. Last week I pulled it out, and I'm determined to finish it. The bodice needs to be taken in (YAY!), the skirt shortened (typical since I'm only 5'1"), and put the zipper in. I'm alos thinking of top stitching some ribbon on the bodice, but that can wait if I don't have time before Sunday. So here I go!

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