Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wall Finishes

Today I'll be talking about wall finishes. The four I've choosen are: paint, wall covering, tile and stone, and glass and resin.
Paint: I think paint is the most common wall finish due to the fact that it's easy to do yourself and care for. Many looks can be achieved with paint as well; such as stripes, sponging, textures, stamping, and many more. My personal favorite brand of paint is the Aura collection by Bejamin Moore ( because it's eco-friendly, and comes in many wonderful colors.

Wall Coverings: Wall coverings used to be known as wall paper, but today they are so much more. You can still buy the paper kind at the hardware store. Though, fabric wall covering is much more elegant, like in the picture from Schumacher ( It would be used if you wanted a detailed pattern or as an accent wall with lots of detail.

Tile and stone: Tile is most commonly used in bathrooms around tubs and in showers. Another popular place to use tile on walls is the backsplash in the kitchen. Tile can make a great accent to any room not just the kitchen or bathroom. Tile comes in many shapes, colors, textures, and designs such as the above picture from Pental (

Glass and resin: Lightblocks, as pictured above (, are one of my favorite forms of wall finishes. When lit from the front they reflect the light making the room brighter. When lit from the back they emit a warm glow that adds a cozy element to the room. It also gives a modern, clean, and crisp look to any space.

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